Pay Per Click Management in London

If you have a company, and you donít have much money for advertising, you should consider using Pay Per Click online advertising, as you only pay for the ad if it is clicked on through a search network or search results. Any website using PPC displays an ad when there is a keyword query matching the list of keywords an advertiser is using. Sometimes, Pay Per Click is called Cost Per Click, and the use of this type of advertising is common with many search engines. In most cases, Pay Per Click is very cheap, but keywords which are highly competitive may be more expensive than the ones which are not.

Through the service provided by Mr Promoter, your Pay Per Click ads will be seen by many of the people who are interested in the products you are selling, as we take steps to focus on visibility and relevancy by making your Quality Score to be increased, and making your click-through rate to be increased through the use of search engine-specific copy ads. Mr Promoter helps in maximizing profits through the management and maintenance of your PPC campaign. Through our experience and expertise, you will get value for your money through:
  • Account Optimization: Negative match keyword expansion, ad performance reviews and target keyword evaluation.
  • Account Setup: Competitive ad analysis, keyword opportunity research and creative copy analysis.
  • Advanced Research: Cost-per-click evaluation, term match studies and targeting analysis.
In launching an effective Pay Per Click campaign, we are aware that having the right landing page is extremely important. Therefore, our service includes the provision of visitor path assessments and landing page evaluations to ensure that all your goals are achieved.